A bit about me.



Inspired by fashion and objects of desire, I led the design of, event materials and other marketing collateral. The goal was to make accountants feel revered and deserving of a great product that could improve their professional lives.


Karbon Editions
I conceptualised a marketing design strategy to create a digital magazine approach to all marketing to improve SEO, improve team collaboration and focus, and ultimately drive customer sign ups.
The visual manifestation was a section of the site with curated events, quotes, articles, videos and guides under one central topic that could be run as a virtual campaign for many weeks.
I led the design, photography and art direction of the homepage and a majority of public-facing marketing pages.

Karbon brand
During my time at Karbon we passed through three names, with two rebrands led by myself with creative support from the lead designer.

Event design
I oversaw the design of numerous event collateral including customer exhibitor stands, displays and art direction of supporting event video


Marketing Designer

Xero is beautiful accounting software for small businesses. During my time at Xero I was charged with designing core sections of the user journey, collaborating with writers, data analysts and other designers to drive traffic and customer conversion.
With over 1 million monthly visitors to, I was part of a team selected to improve the experience and ultimately drive an increase in customer conversion in all target markets. Core sections included the homepage, product features section, pricing and signup. I worked closely with colleagues in critique rounds, A/B testing setup, content writers and web data analysts to quantify the success of designs. 

Xero TV
My first project at Xero was particularly exciting. The home for all Xero video, Xero TV was designed as a fun and engaging one-stop-shop for educational and product update videos.



Quite possibly the most provocative energy supplier in the world, Powershop leads the way by letting customers buy power from sources that align with their values. 


Facebook app concepts
Marketing approached me to design concepts for a Facebook app that empowered customers to check their power usage and buy power directly within Facebook.

App graphics
I was tasked with creating bright and whimsical illustrations for components of the Powershop web app.